Tuesday With Karen

I’m so thankful there’s no valley too deep or wide for His hand to reach us! PTL!  KI
Our Valley
Our valley can never get so deep and wide,
That God can’t reach us with love to provide;
His arms wrap around us, with comfort to give,
Giving our heart reasons to praise Him as we live!
Our valley is never tried by our footsteps alone,
The Comforter is there, with grace to carry on;
When we are weak, He gives us strength to stand,
He guides us by His Light, & leads us by His hand!
Our valley may be long, with very much length,
In the midst of it all, He gives grace & strength;
His Word has promised we’ll never be forsaken,
Everything He says can be trusted and taken!
Our valley might have trials coming as we trod,
Nothing happens at all that isn’t known by God;
He supplies every need we’re having within,
We’re so very blessed to be walking with Him!


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