Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
God Keeps On Blessing
 God keeps on blessing even if things go wrong,
When we become weak, He makes our spirit strong;
His goodness is better than we can understand,
We are so blessed to be within His great hand!
 God keeps on blessing, even if we make mistakes,
His presence with us is a gift He never forsakes;
He stays beside us in everything that goes on,
We are so blessed to know we’re never alone!
 God keeps on blessing, even if we stumble & fail,
In all that happens, God’s righteousness prevails;
His love is so great, He let Jesus die for our sin,
We are so blessed to be watched over by Him!
 God keeps on blessing, in the midst of each day,
He’s so good to us in pouring out His grace;
He abundantly cares, meeting our every need,
We’re so blessed to live with Him eternally!
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