Tuesday With Karen

 Karen Icenhour
If God Changes Things
If God changes our path, we must follow His lead,
Our footsteps, He’ll guide, as He meets our need;
It may be a different road His hand leads us down,
But if we obey Him, we have joy that abounds!
If God changes our way, we’ll go His direction,
It will be our gain, by His hand of perfection;
All He does in our life is for our very best,
He gives grace & strength amidst every test!
If God changes the place He wants us to live,
It means He has blessings He’s waiting to give;
His hand is able to take us from Misery Lane,
Onto Victory Drive, where joy is ours to gain!
If God changes anything, He helps us be strong,
When He is working, He makes right from wrong;
There’s nothing our heart can’t handle or face,
As long as we trust in God’s amazing grace!


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