Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Moreover, Abundantly

Moreover, abundantly, is how God’s hand works,
He gives us special blessings within His church;
He loads us with benefits each day afresh & anew,
It’s awesome to just think upon all God can do!
Moreover, abundantly, God gives us loving care,
There’s nothing His touch can’t handle or repair;
He listens when we humbly call upon His name,
Supplying every need, giving joy that remains!
Moreover, abundantly, God guides us how to live,
His wisdom will lead us in how to love & forgive;
When our heart learns to earnestly seek His face,
We’ll come to know His wonderful mercy & grace!
Moreover, abundantly, is how God’s heart operates,
Faithful, holy, & just are are a few of His Godly traits;
His work in our life brings sweet riches & treasures,
By Him, we’re abundantly blessed beyond measure!
**Written after the sermon by Bro. Paul Hebert
@Second Baptist of Dallas(a.m.)
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