Tuesday With Karen

So thankful we serve a risen, loving Lord! KI

He’s Our Risen Lord!

He’s our risen Lord, who came from the grave,
Crucified, but alive, it was God’s perfect way;
Nailed to the cross to pay the price for our sin,
After three days & nights, He rose from within!

The grave couldn’t hold Him, no, not the tomb,
For death, in our Saviour, there was no room;
The stone rolled away by God’s mighty hand,
Left man with much they didn’t understand!

He came forth after the stone rolled away,
A risen Lord, who still saves souls today;
He came forth as part of God’s holy will,
He comes in our heart, our life to fulfill!

Victorious over death, Hell, & the grave,
Jesus is still living as our Saviour today;
He did what has never been done before,
How blessed we are, to serve a risen Lord!
**Easter 2020