Tuesday With Karen

This too Shall Pass

by Karen Icenhour

“This too shall pass”‘ are encouraging words to hear,

When heartache on your pathway has appeared;

Reminding you that trails don’t last forever,

But are safe within the hand of God.

This too shall pass, when you feel weak and confounded;

When problems upon your life have abounded;

But, the Master of the Sea, your spirit will fulfill,

When you hear Him so sweetly say, “Peace be still.”

This too shall pass, the rivers of tears you cry,

The days when your burden makes you ask, “Why?”

Though you may not understand what that’s place,

There’s comfort and strength in the Lord’s grace.

This too shall pass, one marvelous, glorious day,

All troubles, sorrows, and hurts will be erased.

When the eastern sky open with our Lord,

He’ll bring health, healing and life forever more.