Precious Things

An old preacher had preached a series of sermons on the things the Bible calls “precious!”  He titled his book THE PRECIOUS THINGS OF GOD!

Deuteronomy 33:13-14 — “And of Joseph he said, Blessed of the LORD be his land,FOR THE PRECIOUS THINGS OF HEAVEN, for the dew, and for the deep that coucheth beneath, And FOR THE PRECIOUS FRUITS BROUGHT FORTH BY THE SUN.”

The word for “precious” means (Hebrew = “meged”) to be “distinguised” or to be “eminent”.”  Eminent means “to stand out from!”  It is the Hebrew word for “excellence!”

Would you agree with me that there are some “precious” things in Heaven?  I know of absolutely no believer who would doubt that statement.  Of course here Moses is thinking of such things as the rain and the dew and the clouds, etc.  But I am thinking of the heaven of heavens today.  (The abode of God Himself!)  Think of the things of heaven:  Our Almighty God!  The very Throne of Grace!  An innumerable company of angels!  The body of now departed believers (including your loved ones)! Mansions prepared and waiting!  The atmosphere of eternal worship!

Then Moses says something so significant.  He mentions the “precious fruits brought forth by the sun.”  Here Moses envisions the bountiful crops with which God blessed Israel again and again.

BUT I am thinking of another sun (SON).  You well know that in Psalm 19 the created sun is a type of the eternal SON of God!

Would you agree with me that there are also “some precious things brought forth” by the SON as well?

Jesus has surely brought forth some precious things in all our lives!

“Put forth” is a verb that means “to yield or to produce.”  (This is a forceful verb!  It literally has the idea of causing to burst forth!  To explode!)

If you get around JESUS enough … some precious things will BURST FORTH from your lives!

For a few days I think we shall notice some of these PRECIOUS THINGS  of God!

We shall begin (Lord willing) tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I’ve got my “nugget” for today.  I sure trust that you have too.

                                                                                  — Dr. Mike Bagwell


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