Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God’s Ears Hear Our Cries

God’s ears hear our cries, no matter where we are,

He knows exactly what’s inside our hurting heart;

Even if we become like the prodigal son,

He still hears our prayer, amidst all we’ve done!

God ‘s ears hear our cries, understanding about us,

He knows our frame, remembers we’re but dust;

His thoughts are much wiser & higher than ours,

But we can ask for His cleansing, glorious power!

God’s ears hear our cries, anytime of the day or night,

It pleases Him so greatly to make our heart right;

Regardless of how many things we’ve done wrong,

God is always listening, making our spirit strong!

God’s ears hear our cries, & always lovingly will,

He never turns away, but helps us be fulfilled;

So when troubles, trials, or storms come in our life,

Keep on talking to God, His ears hear all our cries!

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