Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
God Has The Answer

God has the answer, if we wonder about anything,
He guides every step, with a sweet peace to bring;
He is wiser than we could ever think or know,
And His love always instructs the way to go!
God has the answer, when we’re hurt or confused,
If we follow His lead, He shows us what to do;
He’s there beside us, every minute of the day,
 He is more than glad to teach us the way!
God has the answer, if we have a question to ask,
Awesome & amazing, is all the wisdom He has;
His thoughts are greater & higher from above,
Yet everything He does is blessed by His love!
God has the answer in all things taking place,
He’s there to lead us by His mercy & grace;
There is no reason to ever worry or fret,
God knows the answers, & He never forgets!

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