Happy Mother’s Day

Today we honor our Moms. I would like to say that I had a great Mother and still miss her. I remember getting up early to “help” her in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. She seemed always willing to help us learn how do any task. It may be just to stir the gravy or to check and see if the biscuits were ready, all special memories now.  Our mother was a simple woman, that loved her kids. I could not have asked for more.

Arlene “Mavis” is the mother of my two boys. I am very happy how she showed Alan and Ricky how to treat a lady. I am sure their wives are too. Arlene was the anchor to our home,it seems that I was always working or at Church. She carried the load. She was and still is a great Mom. There are no children on earth that can say that their Mom loved them more than she does her boys. I just wanted to says thanks to her for a life time of being Mom.

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