Missed It

The disciples’ so often missed “it.” They were busy with what they were doing and often failed to recognize the miracles going on around them. In Mark 6 they considered not the miracle of the loaves.” The storm was meant to try the faith of the disciples, however, they did not realize they were safe. The disciples were safe because:

1. Jesus was in the craft. He was leading the way for His disciples to follow. Although things that started out well and were getting worse, Jesus was there in the boat. No matter what your “boat” is going through, no matter its location, Jesus is with you through it all!

2. Jesus was in control. Although it seemed Jesus was asleep or inactive, he was fully in control. He does not need to be doing anything to be doing something, for His very presence is enough. Jesus had known ahead of time that the storm was coming, yet, He had no trouble falling asleep, He did not fear it. The disciples felt that they were the target of the storm, however sometime storms come because you have Jesus in your boat. It maybe a test from Satan. The disciples turn to Jesus which was the best thing to do, But their attitude was not right. We need to come in faith believing and expecting that Jesus will make things happen.

3. Jesus was in command. Although the disciples were frantic and fearful, Jesus had none of these emotions. He spoke and the results happened: the storm responded to his command.

Are we doubting His care? Are we forgetting the power Jesus possesses?


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