Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Pour Out Thy Grace, Lord

Pour out Thy grace, Lord, keep me in your strong hand,

Help me to always trust your loving command;

Lord, you know every event before it takes place,

I’m asking you to pour out your abundant grace!

Pour out Thy grace, Lord, so I can have divine peace,

Circumstances are coming, causing worry in me;

My heart should never be troubled or perplexed,

As long as I trust you in all that’s coming next!

Pour out Thy grace, Lord, in this fearful heart of mine,

Help me on you lean, knowing you make things fine;

Lead each step I take in each path I walk along,

When you do, Lord, I’ll be right where I belong!

Pour out Thy grace, Lord, my heart will see sweet rest,

It’s by your grace, my life is abundantly blessed;

Oh how I love you, as my matchless Lord & Saviour,

Thank you for listening when my heart needs a favor!


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