Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Still Prevails
God still prevails, in the midst of all turmoil & strife,
He has the right answer for every question in life;
When our heart gets down when days are at length,
He carries us along, giving us glorious strength!
God still prevails, if we see storms & pounding rain,
He pours out His love on the heart feeling pain;
If we get discouraged & troubles make us cry,
He walks close beside us, never leaving our side!
God still prevails, regardless of what takes place,
In a deep heartache, He pours out abundant grace;
When we get weak, His loving care makes us strong,
His mighty touch can make right from every wrong!
God still prevails, in the thunder & lightning storm,
It’s an awesome thing to watch God’s hand perform;
He’s the sovereign One who cleanses & forgives,
Yes, we serve the God who still prevails & lives!

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