Tuesday With Karen

So thankful HE is the Master of the sea! KI

This Storm Won’t Be Forever

This storm won’t be forever, it will have an end,
We’re very blessed, God is our Faithful Friend;
It doesn’t matter, the circumstances we face,
We’re never alone, with God giving His grace!

This storm won’t be forever, it’s in God’s hand,
His power does things we can’t understand;
He oversees our life with His watchful eyes,
In every step we take, He’s right by our side!

This storm won’t be forever, as it may seem,
God is there with us, daily giving us strength;
Whatever happens, He lives inside our heart,
His presence is real, and He never departs!

This storm won’t be forever, God is in control,
All things, in His hand, He securely holds;
The devil may try to make us stumble & fall,
But God is giving grace in the midst of it all!