Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour     So thankful God can paint in the midst of a storm!

When God Paints A Rainbow
When God paints a rainbow, He has a message to tell,
Coming after dark storms, He’s saying, “All is well;”
Thunder & lightning might make us worry & fret,
The beauty of the rainbow, we will never forget!
When God paints a rainbow, He has a sweet design,
With darkness lifted, He shows us things are fine;
We may be concerned as the storm wildly rages,
But our feet are stable, upon the Rock of Ages!
When God paints a rainbow, colors are so light,
He is letting us know, everything is alright;
It may get dark for what seems a long time,
How beautiful it is, when that rainbow shines!
When God paints a rainbow, we are on His mind,
Seeing it in place, gives sweet peace to find;
He does so many things by His amazing grace,
Oh, the beauty & wonder His face must radiate!


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