Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Never Fear, Jesus Is Here
Never fear, Jesus is here, & has been since time began,
He walks close beside us, daily holding our hand;
Life brings situations of frustration and grief,
Trusting in the Lord will bring us perfect peace!
Never fear, Jesus is here, He’ll never leave us alone,
Whatever life sends, He gives us strength to go on;
If we have trials that make us become upset,
He’ll pour on us His grace, we will never forget!
Never fear, Jesus is here, and will be forever more,
He’s still in control as Saviour, Master, and Lord;
Nothing takes place that’s not held in His hands,
All things that happen are within His command!
Never fear, Jesus is here, He has no plans to leave,
Every promise within His word is ours to believe;
So if life brings troubles causing heartaches & tears,
We’re blessed to think, “Never fear, Jesus is here!”
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