Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Just Talk To The Lord

When others forsake you, just talk to the Lord,

He’s been betrayed by His friends before;

He’ll give wisdom in how to become like Him,

Even help you turn the other cheek with friends!

When disappointment comes, just talk to the Lord,

His love will bring comfort, peace & much more;

Jesus will help us when our heart has hurt,

As long as we have this sinful nature on earth!

When you need a listener, just talk to the Lord,

Anything you’re feeling, He has felt before;

He has compassion on things, great or small,

Whatever you are facing, His heart knows it all!

Just talk to the Lord, in all things taking place,

Nothing ever happens when He won’t give grace;

 When problems come, making things go wrong,

Talk to Him who hears, & gives your heart a song!

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