Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Is Never Too Late

God is never too late, when He takes care of His child,

Everything He does will bring to your heart a smile;

He sees every situation, in life, taking place,

He is more than abundant with mercy & grace!

God is never too late, when He’s watching over us,

He is very worthy of our complete & total trust;

His thoughts are far above what we think or know;

Following His lead is the wise, right way to go!

God is never too late, with anything He performs,

He is always able to do what’s “out of the norm;”

Even though we worry when we don’t understand,

He’s strong enough for it to remain in His hand!

God is never too late, if circumstances get tough,

No matter what it is, His strength will be enough;

How comforting to know, in the events of our day,

His answer is on time, for God is never too late!

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