Tuesday With Karen

So thankful God’s hand is in control of it all! KI

God’s Hand Alone

God’s hand alone hung the world in place,
Created all things by His glorious grace;
In only six days, everything was made,
And a day of rest, for His honor & praise!

God’s hand alone helps us living our life,
He has the answer for all turmoil & strife;
While we may wonder, as we’re perplexed,
God always knows what He’ll be doing next!

God’s hand alone keeps us walking along,
Giving us strength if we’ve lost our song;
His Son shed His blood, every sin, to forgive,
Cleansing our heart as He comes in to live!

God’s hand alone holds the world within,
Nothing ever happens, not known by Him;
At times, man worries over what goes on,
Our life is sustained by God’s hand alone!