Tuesday With Karen

Every Soul Matters

Every soul matters, in the midst of God’s eyes,
There’s no one He will hate, resent, or despise;
Our human side falters & fails with mistakes,
His loving grace for us is new with each day!

Every soul matters, in this vile, sinful world,
At a time when so much hate is being hurled;
God sent His own Son to die upon the cross,
Providing our salvation, that no soul be lost!

Every soul matters, every nation & descent,
It’s still in God’s will for all men to repent;
Salvation is there, for everyone to receive,
Many blessings come to any who believe!

Every soul matters, within God’s perfect plan,
We were all created by His all-knowing hand;
The only thing that truly matters in the end,
Is whether or not we have been born again!

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