Wade’s Wednesday

Pattern for Prayer

By Billy Graham

Jesus frequently prayed alone, separating Himself from every earthly distraction. We need to have a place—a room or corner in our home or yard or garden—where we can regularly meet God alone.

Jesus prayed with great earnestness. At Gethsemane, in the earnestness of His praying, He agonized with God until His sweat became like “drops of blood.” The force of His prayers was increased during times of extreme suffering.

When we know someone in need, pray. When we know someone in pain, pray.

The story is told of a missionary and his family who were camped outside the city on a hill. They had money with them and feared an attack by roving thieves. After they prayed, they went to sleep.

A few days later an injured man was brought to the mission hospital. He asked the missionary if soldiers had been guarding him and his family that night.

“We intended to rob you,” the man said, “but we were afraid of the 27 soldiers.”

When the missionary was back in his homeland, he related this story to a group in his church. A member of the group told him, “That night we had a prayer meeting. There were 27 of us praying for you.” Prayers have no boundaries.