Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Still Does Miracles
God still does miracles in the life of mortal man,
He is very busy in the work of His hand;
Whenever He touches one who has a need,
The change taking place is so great to see!
God still does miracles in our every day life,
When things go wrong, His love makes it right;
We see troubles & trials we can’t understand,
Nothing is too great for the grace of His hand!
God still does miracles as each new day begins,
We’re so very rich to be cared for by Him;
He’s never too busy to listen to our prayers,
We’re abundantly blessed because He cares!
God still does miracles, His great power prevails,
There’s no work He begins that has ever failed;
He is worthy of our honor, admiration, & praise,
The Great I Am is still doing miracles today!
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