Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

When Your Heart Needs A Hug

When your heart needs a hug, His arms are open wide,
Extended to you always with love and care inside;
All you need to do is come to Him in prayer,
He’ll hear every word, for He’s already there.

When your heart needs a hug, speak to the Lord again,
There is nothing sweeter than words from a Faithful Friend;
The Lord says everything we need to hear or know,
He’s the Best Friend we’ll have upon this earth below.

When your heart needs a hug, He’s waiting to give an embrace,
With comfort from His love, & strength from His grace;
He knows what you’re feeling, no matter where you are,
He’ll keep you within the safety of His arms.

When your heart needs a hug, go to the Lord anytime,
He gives the sweetest peace you will ever find;
So when life’s trials & heartaches are more than enough,
The Lord’s arms are waiting to give you a hug!

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