Wade’s Wednesday

For the Sake of Christ

By Ricky Smith

Values should drive our actions. Because of my walk with Christ, I have always prioritized gathering for worship with fellow believers. While in college, I actually was fired for a job because I refused to work on Sunday. I was not willing to compromise this value because it was rooted in my faith, and if the consequence was a loss of job, then that was a consequence that I was willing to endure. While not to the extreme of my life being threatened, this was a personal experience of persecution.

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I’ve never had a gun held to my head and been threatened to die or denounce God. Have you? Many have truly had their life threatened because of their faith in Jesus. I pray for my brothers and sisters who daily face threats of death and celebrate their courage to shine brightly for Christ. Furthermore, there is a strong likelihood that in my lifetime, there will be a day in America where I will face that level of threat in my life. If so, I have already resolved in my heart that the cross of Jesus is worth dying for. 

The badge of honor worth dying for is not a matter of my personal preferences or political persuasions. Matthew 5:10-12 encourages a fortunate blessing for those who are persecuted for the sake of Christ. It is the righteousness of Christ that must be defended. It is the righteousness of Christ that must be on display in our life, and others will take notice.

1 Corinthians 1:18 reminds us that the Good News of Christ is foolishness to those who have rejected this glorious hope. When you display the glory of God in your life, you will experience rejection. Take joy in that trial. As you mature in your perseverance, you continue to display the hope of Christ for the world to see. We join in prayer that they will see our good actions and we will deflect them to see our Father in Heaven. Whether we live or die, it is for His glory!