Scars and Successes

By Ricky Smith

A few months back, I was clearing a small area of land in my backyard, with the hope of planting some wildflowers and clover for my bees. The things we do for honey! Anyway, when I began to move the dirt, I found an old and rusted horseshoe. Fascinated at my discovery, my mind began to creatively imagine the story of this horseshoe. It didn’t get here on its own. Was it part of a farm in the past or perhaps a war relic? There is no way to tell, but it does cause me to reflect on the power of a journey and the story each journey can share.


1 Peter begins with a direct encouragement to a group of believers who were on a journey of dispersion. Being displaced and navigating the trials of being a stranger in a foreign land, they were reminded of the hope found in Christ and the confidence that comes from knowing God’s plan can be trusted.

His foreknowledge should be a reminder for them not to doubt. He is not surprised by their journey and promised to guard and keep them. This truth does not only apply to the dispersed believers intended to receive this letter from Peter. 

You may feel that you are alone and may doubt your current circumstances. Trust that God is not surprised by your current situation; in fact, He knows what will happen tomorrow. You can trust Him! He desires to grow and mature you in order to point others to Him as you share your story of joyful hope. 

When people look at your life, will your scars and successes tell a story of trust in an all-knowing and never changing God? Shout it from the mountain tops today as you share this living hope with others, and may it resound for the sake of the Gospel.

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