Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

It’s Amazing To See
It’s amazing to see how God works in our lives,
How man’s plan, He can openly defy;
It doesn’t matter how things are planned out,
The way God does it will make you sing & shout!
It’s amazing to see, the riches God bestows,
The actions of the day, from God, we truly know;
If we seek Him from the heart as Lord & Master,
We’ll see victory & peace instead of disaster!
It’s amazing to see, God’s grace at its best,
His love, on our heart, He freely manifests;
He watches over us when we worry & fret,
Seeing God at work is what you never forget!
It’s amazing to see, God’s great, wonderful grace,
Many blessings are ours, if He comes on the place;
There are so many sweet gifts our heart will see,
When God’s people pray together from bended knee!

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