Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

There is strength in trouble, no matter the degree,

Jesus knows our heartache, the depth of every need;

When we are walking in the lonely valley below,

The Lily of the Valley is so beautiful to know.

There is strength in trouble, whatever the time or place,

He is never selfish when He pours out mercy & grace;

When we’re feeling upset, distressed, or alone,

The Master of the Sea knows exactly what goes on.

There is strength in trouble, when darkness is all around,

When heavy burdens are weighing your heart down;

Focus on Him with your heart, soul, & mind,

The Light of the World still knows how to shine!

There is strength in trouble, in things that don’t go right,

We’ll become stronger as we feast on the Bread of Life;

He will oversee us with His strong, extended hand,

The Rock of Ages is a very safe place to stand!

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