Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Is Ever So Near

God is ever so near, even when we feel far away,
There’s not one time He won’t listen to us pray;
He stays near His children, leads our feet along,
He never forsakes us, even if we’re doing wrong!

God is ever so near, He sees tears on our face,
Knowing if we need a double portion of grace;
When we see things we just can’t understand,
There’s no need to worry when it’s in His hand!

God is ever so near, He loves to see us pray,
If we can only whisper, He still hears all we say;
Sometimes not a single word will come out,
Fellowship with God makes us sing & shout!

God is ever so near, He’s always on course,
He is never a day late, or a dollar short;
In the midst of all situations to appear,
Sweet peace to know, God is ever so near!

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