“And Jacob rose up early in the morning,” (Gen. 28:18)

The Lord had appeared to Jacob at Bethel in the night. He had seen the glorious heavenly ladder with God the Lord standing above it. He had received from God the promise that He would be with him and would never leave him until He had accomplished all that He had promised. Then Jacob rose up early in the morning and vowed a vow of which the gist was, ‘The Lord shall be my God’ (v. 21).

Child of God! Christ is the true heavenly ladder; from above it God speaks to thee in the darkest night, I will be with thee and will not leave thee. Dost thou not think that every morning summons thee to say with Jacob: “The Lord shall be my God” ? Can you imagine a more glorious beginning of the day? You pass every night under the protection of Jacob’s God, is it not right that you should begin each morning with Jacob’s vow?

Make a habit of being alone with God the first hour of the morning. Consider what He is to you through Christ. Meditate on the wonderful promise He has given you of His continual presence and His unchangeable faithfulness. Listen while He says to you: “I am with thee and will not leave thee.” Take time so by faith to appropriate this promise that your whole soul knows that God Himself has spoken these words to you. Say then, “The Lord shall be my God.” Jacob rose up early in the morning to utter that vow; do thou likewise.

By Andrew Murray

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