Tuesday With Karen

God will never be outvoted! KI

It Won’t Matter

It won’t matter, whoever wins at the polls,
God’s able hand still has things in control;
We’ll see things we just can’t understand,
But it may be a part of God’s perfect plan!

It won’t matter, the one who has ‘arrived,’
Filled with sinful pride, flowing in their life;
The only thing that truly matters in the end,
Is whether or not you’ve been born again!

It won’t matter how many things you own,
Working daily to become healthy & strong;
All that matters as time comes to an end,
Is if your heart asked the Lord to come in!

It won’t matter, what you may possess,
If you get popular, looked on as the best;
The only thing that really matters at all,
Is if you listened as the Saviour called!
During Election 2020.