Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Praying this will encourage the hearts of my friends…asking Him to make this a special blessing to you all! K.I.

God Know What To Do

God knows what to do, when your situation may change,

When you see things become totally rearranged;

You may get upset with tears flowing down your face,

There’s no reason to cry as He pours out His grace!

God knows what to do, when darkness in life prevails,

His love is still there when He sees you stumble or fail;

God’s love makes Him graciously care & forgive,

Giving the strength & courage you need to live!

God knows what to do, if you are worried & confused,

Not knowing the next step, or thing you should do;

He knows all things, His Spirit is never perplexed,

Ask for His wisdom, you’ll know what to do next!

God knows what to do, has known since the beginning,

When asking for His advice, you’ll be strong & winning;

Stay upon your knees, He’s faithful to lead you through,

He is all knowing & wise, yes, God knows what to do!

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