Tuesday With Karen

This is written for Thanksgiving. He deserves praise from the bottom of our heart! KI
It Pays To Praise
It pays to praise His name, in each day anew,
He’s worthy of glory, & He carries us through;
He watches over us with tender love & care,
When we call upon Him, He is always there!
It pays to praise God, in the great & the small,
He is awesome in power, & still Lord over all;
Mighty enough to speak the world into place,
Yet lives in our heart by His glorious grace!
It pays to praise the Lord, giving Him glory,
By Him, our heart knows salvation’s story;
He shed His holy blood on Calvary’s cross,
He doesn’t want one soul to be forever lost!
It pays to praise God, He has no measure,
His love lets us see bountiful treasures;
He blesses us far above what we deserve,
Praise Him, He guides our way by His Word!

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