Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Jesus Is The Best Gift

Jesus is the best gift ever sent from above,

God’s only Son, filled with His perfect love;

He came down by way of a holy, virgin birth,

To be the Savior of our sinful, wicked earth!

Jesus is the best gift we’ve ever been given.

The perfect Son of God, who came from Heaven;

He became a man to understand our emotions,

What an honor to give Him our love & devotion!

Jesus is the best gift this world has ever seen,

Who shed His blood for our sin upon Calvary;

He gave His life on the old rugged cross,

So no soul will ever be condemned or lost!

Jesus is the best gift we will ever receive,

Salvation is ours, when on Him we believe;

All we need to do is give Him our trust & faith,

Praise Him for providing the way to be saved!

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