Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Do You Ever?

Do you ever have tears streaming down your face,

Finding yourself in a very hurting place?

Place it in His hands, for He can handle it best,

He’s longing to give you sweet peace & rest!

Do you ever get betrayed by one’s vicious words,

Feeling deep within, so much heartache & hurt?

The Lord will erase those memories from your mind,

Giving it to Him will give you rich blessings to find!

Do you ever feel pain by current things taking place,

And you need a double portion of God’s grace?

He’s right beside you, graciously holding your hand,

He’ll carry you when you’re too weak to stand!

So trust Him with your every emotion within,

Your heart was lovingly created by Him;

Anything that happens in this life or by man,

Is safe when it’s placed inside of God’s hand!

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