Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
When God has control, we’ll see peace bestowed,
His leadership is the sweetest thing we’ll know;
His eyes will see the extent every need,
And His hand is beside us waiting to lead!
When God has control, we’ll walk the right direction,
Then our life will see His hedge of protection;
We might have times things will go wrong,
Following His guide will keep our heart strong!
When God has control, we’ll know abundant grace,
Oh, what love is there when His Spirit fills a place;
When we obey His instruction as we live,
There’s nothing like the sweet joy He can give!
When God has control, we need not worry or fret,
Rich blessings from His hand is what we’ll get;
Seeking God’s face, in knowing His perfect will,
Gives precious peace, & a life richly fulfilled!

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