Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
If Your Day Needs Grace
If your day needs grace, no one else knows,
The Lord will be there with goodness to show;
When you seek His face earnestly in prayer,
He hears your cry, and He is always there!
?If your day needs grace, power & strength,
He’ll be by your side, no matter the length;
He knows every care, any time of the day,
He hears His children, whenever we pray!
?If your day needs grace, be it great or small,
He listens to His own, anytime we call;
His Word tells us to ask, seek, & knock,
Under His wing, we are blessed by God!
?If your day needs grace, God has lots to give,
He does so much for us, in this life we live;
He gives us the privilege to seek His face,
Blessing us greatly by His amazing grace!