Expanded Lives

In a fascinating, kid-friendly science experiment, a bar of Ivory soap heated in a microwave writhes and expands into a unique, billowy shape. The change is due to Charles’ Law, which describes how a gas, such as that contained in pockets inside a bar of Ivory, expands as its temperature increases. The soap can still be used as normal, though it’s now fragile and flaky.

When the Holy Spirit enters us, we expand as well. Our Spirit-enlarged lives may seem misshapen to some, no longer conforming to the world’s expectations. But our uniqueness reflects the creativity of our Triune God, who reveals himself to people in many
different ways.

Our hearts expand and soften too, opening to other people’s needs and concerns, while our God-created purpose remains: to be a force of love and care — of cleansing and renewal — in the world.

Used by permission of The Newsletter Newsletter

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