Tuesday With Karen

What To Do When Life Is Hard

When your heart is heavy with tears flowing strong,
And the day you’re in seems so very long;
Talk to the Lily of the Valley you’re in,
He’ll be your True & Faithful Friend.

When the burden you carry is weighing you down,
And the troubles of life just seem to abound;
Look up to the Comforter of your day,
He’ll fill you with love, and hear when you pray.

When you are feeling things no one else knows,
And your heart feels like it wants to explode;
Go to the Prince of Peace, He’ll make your day,
His friendship with you, He’ll never forsake.

So when things happen you just don’t understand,
Keep your heart inside the Lamb of God’s hand;
He leads His children, no matter what takes place,
And there is nothing above His mercy & grace!

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