Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

A Tower of Strength

Lord, make me a tower of strength to someone who is weak,
Give me wisdom to encourage when there’s a great need;
For the one whose trials have been more than enough,
Let my hands be extended with love in the touch.

Lord, make me a tower of strength to the heart that’s broken,
Anoint every word that from my lips is spoken;
Let me speak courage to one who has falling tears,
Reminding them your grace will never disappear.

Lord, make me a tower of strength, to one whose valley is dark,
Cause my life to shine as the radiant Light you are,
Let me encourage the soul who is weary & down,
With the very thought you give joy that abounds.

Lord, make me a tower of strength in every move I make,
Let my testimony bring honor to thy holy name;
Thank you, Lord, for grace when days are at length,
For always being our wonderful tower of strength!

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