Tuesday With Karen

When We Touch The Master
When we touch the Master, His power is very real,
All He offers us makes our life fulfilled;
He never draws away when we come to Him,
But stays close as our loving, Faithful Friend!
When we touch the Master, He makes our life complete,
He blesses us with all the things we’ll ever need;
He knows what will happen before it takes place,
Giving us the right amount of mercy & grace!
When we touch the Master, things begin to change,
Trusting His hand makes our life rearranged;
When we seek His face & holy, righteous touch,
The changes He’ll make will be great & so much!
When we touch the Master, He’ll do a work in our life,
He is able to lead our steps each day & night;
So when it seems things are becoming a disaster,
We need to reach out & just touch the Master!

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