So thankful to be serving a risen, living Lord!! Karen Icenhour
Death Didn’t Hold Him
The Lord died on the cross to pay for our sin,
Providing the Way for us to come to Him;
It was all a part of God’s perfect plan,
With more love than we can understand!
It was a time of great sorrow and gloom,
As His beaten body was placed in the tomb;
Satan thought he won, & God’s Son was dead,
In a short time, circumstances turn his head!
Death didn’t hold Him more than three days,
After this time, the tombstone rolled away;
There was no question, whether or not,
For within the tomb was the Son of God!
He’s the King of Kings, still living today,
The tomb is empty, where our Saviour laid;
He’s the only One to watch that stone move,
Astounding Satan by what God’s power can do!
**Easter 2017


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