Tuesday With Karen

Thankful for His touch when I need it! KI
Touch Me, Dear Lord

Touch me, dear Lord, as only You can do,
Thy mercy & grace is leading me through;
If my feet are weary & too weak to stand,
Thank You for holding me inside Thy hand!

Touch me, dear Lord, by wisdom You hold,
Guide my decisions in the right way to go;
In everything I do, help me seek Thy face,
I know You will show me the Godly way!

Touch me, dear Lord, in heart, soul, & mind,
Shelter me each day, with Thy grace to find;
Thank You for hearing if I cry out in prayer,
There’s not one day I live without Your care!

Touch me, dear Lord, if a great storm rages,
I know I can stand upon the Rock of ages;
Thank You for blessing my life without end,
I love You, Lord, for being my Faithful Friend!