Tuesday With Karen

Praise God, He knows & heals our hurts!! KI

Give God The Pieces
Give God the pieces of your broken heart,
Any time of the day, anywhere you are;
You may be upset by what’s taking place,
But God will be there, giving you His grace!

Give God the pieces if you hurt deep inside,
He hears your prayers, sees when you cry;
Life will send trials as you daily live,
God’s loving hand has protection to give!

Give God the pieces in everything you do,
His love heals a heart that breaks in two;
There is so much you won’t understand,
God is there for all you put in His hand!

Give God the pieces, He can make it right,
The Potter molds the clay, each day & night;
If you need remolding, God is always there,
Working with your heart, until it’s repaired!

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