The Word A-Z


  • Accurate in its assessment — and absolute in its authority
  • Binding in its concepts — and beautiful in its pronouncements
  • Confrontational in its style — and comforting in its security
  • Direct in its approach — and demanding in its acceptance.
  • Edifying in its message — and educational in its method
  • Faithful in its power — and fruitful in its results
  • Great in its power — and fruitful and good in its purpose
  • High in its demands — and holy in its reasoning
  • Inspired in its doctrine — and infinite in its duration
  • Joyful in its music — and just in its mandates
  • Keen in its calculation — and kind in its content
  • Loud in its announcements — and lovely in its arrangement
  • Magnificent in its beauty — and marvelous in its bounty
  • Noble in its claims — and notable in its cause
  • Opulent in its value — and optimum in its victory
  • Powerful in its testimony — and proficient in its teachings
  • Questionless in its veracity — and qualitative in its veneration
  • Rational in its judgment — and righteous in its jurisdiction
  • Sacred in its authorship — and satisfying in its application
  • Transcendent in its glory — and timeless in its truths
  • Universal in its scope — and unique in its message
  • Vibrant in its animation — and victorious in its accomplishments
  • Wise in its truth — and worthy in its appraisal
  • Yeomanly in its advice — and youthful in its action
  • Zealous in its vision — and zestful in its vibrancy

All should read the Word of God

All should believe the Word of God

All should obey the Word of God

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