Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Put It In God’s Hand

Put it in God’s hand, in everything you may face,

Rest assured, you’ll be lead by His amazing grace;

So when you are weak with things going wrong,

Just His holy presence will make your spirit strong!

Put it in God’s hand, whatever life brings your way,

You’ll find peace as He leads in what to do & say;

There are no errors in anything He has done,

No mistakes in God’s handiwork, no, not one!

Put it in God’s hand, when you have a special need,

There’s nothing God’s able hand cannot meet;

Our heart may get concerned, then worry & fret,

But there’s not one need God hasn’t answered yet!

Put it in God’s hand, & leave it there to stay,

We are so much wiser to let Him lead the way;

Yes, we’ll see our life go so much better,

If we let Him have His way altogether!


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