Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

The Answer To All Things

“What’s next Lord?” is what our heart will shout,

When we become filled with worry & doubt;

There’s no reason to ask this at all,

Jesus is the answer to problems, great & small!

“I can’t take much more” is what we tell the Lord,

When trials are greater than we can afford;

We may cry tears of great sorrow & grief,

But in Him is sweet peace & relief!

“What is coming along?” is said as things go wrong,

When situations come that just don’t belong;

He has the answer to all things taking place,

And there’s nothing too difficult for His grace!

God has the answer before our problems begin,

All we need to do is seek wisdom from Him;

He can handle every circumstance, trial, or task,

He is just waiting for our faith to trust & ask!

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