Tuesday With Karen

Don’t ever give up, when praying for someone you love,
All the words you pray are heard by the Father above;
Though Satan may try to tell you it’s no use,
God, in His time, will send the answer through.

Don’t ever give up, when circumstances get tough,
God’s mercy and grace will always be enough;
Even if your heavy heart stops and asks Him “Why?”
Rest assured, your every need, He always will supply.

Don’t ever give up, even when family causes grief,
When it seems, from your sorrows, there’s no relief;
But peace you will know and fully understand,
When you lay it completely in the Lord’s hands.

Don’t ever give up, when there is a reason to pray,
Our Heavenly Father will hear every word you say;
He’ll answer your prayer according to His will,
Then you’ll hear Him so sweetly speak, “Peace be still.”

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