Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Isn’t In The Grave

God isn’t in the grave, He’s still very much alive,
Watching over us daily, morning, noon, & night;
Even if we have concerns, worries, or doubts,
God knows exactly how all things will turn out!

God isn’t in the grave, He still draws men to Himself,
Providing salvation, redeeming the soul from Hell;
The world wants Him erased, removed, & severed,
But His comfort, love, & grace will last forever!

God isn’t in the grave, He still hears when we pray,
Even if words don’t come, He hears what we say;
When we need a touch from heartache & pain,
All we need to do is call on His holy name!

God isn’t in the grave, neither will He ever be,
He is caring for us daily, meeting every need;
He’s alive & well, with all things in His command,
We need to leave everything in His great hand!

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