Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Don’t Ever Get Over It

Don’t ever get over the joy of our salvation,

God erased Hell’s death & condemnation;

He came in our heart, our sins were forgiven,

Then He gave us a place with Him in Heaven!

Don’t ever get over the peace He gives inside,

When He comes within our heart to abide;

There’s no amount of money, riches, or wealth,

That can take the place of not going to Hell!

Don’t ever get over the privilege to seek His face,

We watch Him answer prayer by His loving grace;

So many trials, His hand brings us through,

Impossible things with man, God can still do!

Don’t ever get over the blood He shed for our sin,

We’d have no hope at all if it wasn’t for Him;

So when we let other sensations & desires fade,

Don’t ever get over it, concerning being saved!


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