Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

The Birds Keep On Singing
The birds keep on singing, when it gets bitterly cold,
Their God given talent, they use without being told;
God gave them a joyful, happy ability,
We should be blessed by their sweet testimony!
The birds keep on singing, when it’s cloudy and dark,
They always have a song deep within their heart;
We can take lessons on how to sing and rejoice,
By listening to the sweetness down in their voice!
The birds keep on singing when things get rearranged,
When they see nature bring about much change;
Their song is still there, no matter what takes place,
We’ll have a song to sing when we trust God’s grace!
The birds keep on singing, in all that comes along,
Faithful to use their talent, amidst all right or wrong;
God blessed them well when He taught them to sing,
We, as His children, should do the very same thing!
**Written after hearing a man @church talk about
how birds keep on singing, even in frigid weather.
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